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Posted on Februrary 3rd, 2016 by Mike Halpern
Welcome to our site! Mike has been a hardcore car enthusiast pretty much since the day he was able to open his eyes. He started driving at the ripe young age of 14 (yea...illegally) and has owned over 10 cars by the time he reached 30. Most recently he has re-built his Ford Mustang's engine from the ground-up, with a sparkling new supercharger. 

Rob grew up around his father, who ran a successful car wash in South Carolina and was himself a professional detailer. His first car was a Subaru WRX (funded by his relentless hustle: caddying, valeting and a bunch of other odd jobs). Rob's now a full-time mechanic and runs this site along with Mike in his free time. Contact us with any questions using the link on this blog and enjoy!
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